Four Paws in Heaven Poetry Pages
A Dog's Life

I have no mummy
I have no dad
A friend in this world
That's something I've never had

I wander the streets
Afraid and alone
Beaten and abused
I long for a home

Will someone love me
Will someone care
Will someone stroke me
And be happy I'm there

It never happened
Never found that friend
I was always alone
Right up to the end

The pain is going
The car has long gone
I lay in the road
What did I do wrong

My eyes grow dark
My body cold
"One last breath"
Is what I am told

And there stands an angel
With her smile so bright
She bends to stroke me
This angel in white

"Come," she says
And I run and I play
I am in heaven
And here I will stay

I have kindness and love
And souls that care
Why on Earth
Was the love not down there

God is calling me
He sits alone
I run, tail wagging
He gives me a bone

He holds me close
I feel the love
At last I am happy
In heaven above

No more sorrow
No more pain
In the Rainbow Bridge
I live again

— Stephen Selby-Cane

© 2003 Stephen Selby-Cane
Poem provided courtesy of the author (thank you, Steve)