Four Paws in Heaven Poetry Pages
by Tolford A. Durham "Tad"

In our barn, many cats and kittens are living,

of different colors and types.

Some are grey, some black and white, and some even have stripes.

But all are wild and skittish,

And run whenever I’m near.

Amid the crowd one stands out and is so dear.

She’s black with white feet and scrawny,

Looking like she just came out of the rain.

But a loving friend she was seeking,

A faithful person to trust and remain.

While sitting in the barn looking out at the day,

She came close, looking up at my face.

She opened her mouth as if talking, not sound to say.

Her little green eyes pleading for love with her grace.

Her eyes were sick with infection,

Her sneezes were often and impure.

Her nose was blocked with the problem,

Her mouth to her lungs was the door.

But she had one gift in great store,

Her love and affection she gave freely,

Then came back to give me some more,

As soon as she heard me coming out the door.

As I sat watching the setting sun,

She came to my chair on the run.

She climbed up my pant leg and settled in my arms,

as her purring spoke of her charms.

While I talked to the Lord about the day,

She wrapped her tail around her.

She looked up into my face as if to say,

I love you, old man, I’m here to stay.

We closed the barn door and went into the house,

She climbed into my lap, quiet as a mouse.

As I watched TV, she put up her paw

Upon my face, and told me she loved me in her grace.

We went to bed ‘round about nine.

She ate some dry food while I took my time

Getting ready to sleep and cuddle she would,

Sleeping as close as she possibly could.

‘Round about one and again ‘round four,

She roused me to take her to the litter box door.

Then back to bed away we would go,

As she cuddled again, quietly more.

In the morning as the sun would rise,

I’d take a warm cloth and clean out her eyes.

Then patiently she’d wait while I’d shave, shine and sit

Next to her as we talked to the Lord a bit.

Downstairs we’d go and get her fed,

To start her day out of bed.

She’d go outside and sit in the sun,

Till I came out in the evening and to me she’d run.

That was our days and our evenings too,

Such a loving companion, so good, so true.

She seemed to grow thinner, as her eyes got worse,

It seemed like all the cats carried the curse.

I took her to the vet this very day,

To get her medicine so she could stay.

He found mites in her ears, infection in her eyes,

Worms in her tummy came as no surprise.

Doc George showed me the drops to heal her through,

She’d be well again in a week or two.

The he tested her blood to see if he could find,

Any disease that was hurting her kind.

The sentence was passed as my heart skipped a beat,

She was full of love but went down to defeat.

I left her in Doc’s gentle hands and heart so kind,

But no solace for my own was I able to find.

I miss her and there’s a hole in my heart.

My tears run freely as I write this part.

We’re no longer together as in peace she lies still,

But my arms are empty and will not be filled.

Cuddles, I love you and thank you so much,

For giving me your love, affection and such.

Lord, thank you for the blessing of time with her I spent,

Her loving little body, to me you lent.

My days are quiet, empty and still.

I’ll never forget the look of her love,

I will think of her often and her love,

And maybe I’ll see her when I get there Above.

Goodbye Cuddles.

— Tolford A. Durham "Tad"

© 2003 Tolford A. Durham
Poem provided courtesy of the author (thank you, Tad)