Four Paws in Heaven Poetry Pages
If only i knew...

In the beginning we had so much fun
you were so active and so young.
I would throw a stick, and a ball,
You didn't even tend to fall.

In the end is when it stopped
It felt like everything has piled on top.
I stopped to pet you, even hug,
in my heart is a hole i have dug.
I stopped to show how much I loved you
If only i had a clue.
I started to be mean and yell
Even when you couldn't walk, and fell.
I didn't know you were sick
If only i knew just a little bit.
I had no clue you were going to die
I only wish i could say goodbye.

I spent the night at my grandma's place
thinking again i would see your face.
i heard my grandma on the phone,
suddenly I felt all alone.
I couldn't believe that you were dead,
It just wouldn't sink inside my head.
I asked myself, why was i mean?
Always making such a scene.

I miss you so much,
just once more i would like to feel your touch.
I thought you would be here forever,
And maybe things could have been better.
I feel so guilty for the things i did.
If only i hadn't acted like such a kid.

I'm so sorry for treating you wrong.
I just realized since you've been gone.
If only i had just one minute to talk to you
and tell you how much i really love you.
but i can't do that, cause you are gone
but i admit that i was wrong.

i just want to tell you how much i love you,
and how much i will miss you too.

—Amber Richardson
in memory of my dog Tramp