Four Paws in Heaven Poetry

For Big Spook


I hope you know how very much I loved you.
I can't help wishing God had let you stay.
And yet the steadfast love and trust you gave me
Is something time can never take away.

And when I see a tail that won't stop wagging
I'll know within that shaggy body, too,
Will be a heart that holds your kind of loving
And I'll reach out with love, remembering you.

January 1979

  from "More Poetry of Guila Manchester," Book 2, 2nd Printing
© Guila Manchester. Thank you to Joan Jenrich, publisher, for permission to reprint Guila Manchester's poetry on the Four Paws in Heaven website.

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This page is dedicated to the memory of Guila Manchester, founder of Humanitarians of Florida and a very dear friend to all animals. Guila crossed over the Rainbow Bridge on June 9, 2000.