Four Paws Poetry Index
Please respect the copyrights on these poems. If you wish to republish a poem in any form, including blogs, please request permission from the author first.
  Rainbow Bridge — Flash Movie by Terri Pike (with sound)
  The Poem with No Name
  Sleep   With Sympathy
  "Our Animals Shepherd..."   I Only Wanted You
  With Angels They Play   It Wouldn't Be Heaven
  Last Night   Heaven's Doggy Door
  If only i knew...   In The Rainbow Garden
  Cuddles   Tribute to a Best Friend
  The Last Battle   Dogs in Heaven
  Q-Tip Left Today   For Big Spook
  For Sami   I'm Still Here
  A Bridge Called Love   A Dog's Life
  We Have a Secret

  How Lucky

  I Stood by Your Bed Last Night   Dinah
  Lend Me a Pup   Your Friend
  Time Is Eternity   God Asked the Feline Spirit
  The Spirit of a Dog   Lost Friend (Heaven's Gate)
  Don't Wait for Me  

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